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Product Overview

The adaptation of the VerteBRIDGE® Technology to the cervical spine has allowed us to design a new stand-alone, zero profile and minimally invasive cage: ROI-C®.

Just like ROI-A®, the curved and self-retaining anchoring plate are inserted directly along the axis of the disc through the cage. This ensures segment stability during fusion process.

ROI-C is a true evolution in achieving the best fusion quality for cervical arthrodesis.


Patient safety optimized

  • VerteBRIDGE: Novel stand-alone technology made of titanium alloy not requiring anterior plate or screws.
  • The curved self-retaining plate, with its lateral anti-backout clips and central ridge secure the cage in the intersomatic space.
  • Zero-profile design (cage and anchoring plate) with no hardware protruding anterior of the vertebral bodies.
  • The large graft chamber increases the contact surface between the graft or the bone substitute and the endplates, enhancing the fusion quality.
  • The primary stability is provided by the "retaining" ridges of the cage.
  • The ROI-C® cage is made of PEEK-OPTIMA® - A biocompatible material with a Young's modulus close to that of bone. Its radiolucency and use of tantalum markers allow post-operative visualization and verification of the cage positioning and fusion.

  • Each implant is delivered sterile, providing a perfect innocuity and traceability control of the products.

A safer implantation

  • The insertion of the cage and its anchorage system directly in the axis of the disc allows for an anterior mini-open technique, respecting the anatomical structures.
  • The cage holder's millimetric adjustment contributes to optimal positioning of the cage before the plate insertion.
  • The anchorage insertion is guided: 2 instruments, 2 steps for an easy, reliable, fast and reproducible implantation.

A full range of sizes adapted to every patients's anatomy

  • The large range of cages (footprints, heights) and plate lenghts (short, long) allow for adaptation of the implant size to varying patient anatomy, and make multi-level surgeries (3 segments maximum) and hybrid constructs supportable.




Option Available*

ROI-C® Bi-Pack®

Anterior cervical cage pre-filled with bone substitute.

  • The cage is delivered pre-filled with BF+ Bone substitute (60% Hydroxyapatite
    – 40% β-TCP) reducing the surgery steps (filling of the cage and/or graft harvesting).
  • The loading of the cage on the holder directly in the blister pack allows for a no-touch handling of the cage.

Product availability may vary by country and market.

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